About Us

Founded in 1993 as a family company in Beyoğlu Region and still continues to operate in this region, Güzelce continues to serve on a much wider audience over time.

Since 1993, Güzelce has been active in the food, beverage and cleaning sectors, and has been one of the leading companies in the ice production and supply sector in order to meet the needs of its customers.

Since its inception, it has been serving with all its corporate identity and with the hard working and honest staff serving all food, beverage, cleaning and ice requirements of all companies with its quality service and reasonable price advantage and contributing to their growth.

FOOD & BEVERAGE Food, beer nuts, alcoholic, alcohol-free beverages services for entertainment industry companies and restaurants.
CLEANING EQUIPMENTS Various cleaning equipments, supplies for entertainment industry companies, hotels and restaurants.
ICE Scientifically prepared wholesale ice production services for entertainment industry companies and restaurants.